Tuesday, December 18, 2007

From the Indiana Library Federation

The position document that recently appeared on the listserv (see below) is a working draft of the Indiana Library Federation's Legislative Committee. Further input is coming in from committee members and not only is this document not in its final form, it has not received approval from the ILF Executive Committee. All ILF members are welcome to contact members of the Legislative Committee to provide input as we work diligently to finalize our legislative position.

Recommendations made in the Indiana Commission on Local Government Reform’s report “Streamlining Local Government” would have impact on all libraries in the State of Indiana. The Indiana Library Federation feels that the recommendations contained in the report do not provide mechanisms for implementation. Furthermore, the complexity of the issue may deem it inappropriate for some libraries and/or library districts.

The Indiana Library Federation supports a thorough evaluation of the cost-savings of the recommendations and an approach that allows each library and or library district input into the determination as to what is the best approach for it and its patrons. The Federation will oppose any legislation that proposes a “cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all” mentality towards public libraries.

The Federation believes that library service is a primary function of good government and, in keeping with that belief, supports legislation that will provide additional options for unserved areas to receive quality library service.

Furthermore, the Federation believes that it is in the educational interest of all students K through 12th grade in the State of Indiana to have a school media center located in each building within the school system as well as a certified School Media Specialist in charge of each media center. The Federation will oppose any legislative changes that would propose the elimination of any school media centers or school media specialists.

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Anonymous said...

As a library professional originally trained at Purdue Univ. for the public schools, I can attest to the fact that previous Legislative moves that have reduced funding for Public schools for Media Centers have been a severe mistake for students, teachers and the graduation of accomplished students. This must not be a repeat of the 1970's. I lived through that period of time and eventually had to leave the state to find work. Please take the long view on any cuts to libraries in schools.