Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Initial post of information from the Indiana Library Federation

FROM: John V. Barnett, Jr.
Hopefully by now you have had an opportunity to thoughtfully consider Recommendations 18, 19 and 20 in the Shepard-Kernan Commission report released Tuesday, December 11. The website is: http://indianalocalgovreform.iu.edu/.

Clearly, every library district would be impacted if these recommendations were to be implemented. You are urged to immediately communicate your thoughts to the legislators that represent your district as well as local media outlets. Key point – “The devil is in the details.” If the details of implementing these recommendations have been discussed, none have been disclosed. Implementing Recommendation 18 will be very complicated since, as the Commission itself has acknowledged, “one size does not fit all”. Much more serious thought must be given to each of these recommendations. And, that can’t possibly happen between now and January 8 when the legislature reconvenes. If you have more specific thoughts or concerns about the impact locally, mention them.

Library directors, trustees, and appointing authorities should be involved in this effort.

Your immediate attention to this request is very important.

Thanks for your follow-through.

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