Monday, March 3, 2008

Engrossed version of HB 1001

Found here:

Contains many references to public libraries in Indiana, but two stand out (document is more than 600+ pages) so far in my reading.

First is the potential for fiscal body review for library budgets. The DLGF can't get to us information for publicizing our budgets by the required time as it is. If we need to lengthen the time required for additional review we will be lucky to have budget approval until two years after the initial budget year. NCPL still hasn't received anything from DLGF about our 2008 budget and it's March 3. For the 2007 budget year we didn't receive anything until after September 12, 2007.

Secondly is the moving of the tax rate for LCPF to within the controlled levy limit.

I view both of these as treacherous for public libraries in Indiana.

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Ghost Dog said...

This is an awesome website! My wife is the children's librarian at Brook Public Library, and we have the same concerns.

Sometimes I feel like the state wants to bulldoze our community and get it over with already.

I've linked to your site.