Monday, March 3, 2008

Meeting with Senator Arnold (D) Indiana Senate District 8

Senator held an informational meeting at the New Carlisle Public Library on Saturday, March 1. Most of the information he relayed pertained to HB 1001 and his reasons for voting against it. Senator arnold re-affirmed his stand on keeping public libraries as they are and not consolidating them into county-wide units. Arnold distributed information to attendees and on the back of one of these handouts was the result of one of the survey questions: "Do you support or oppose allowing countywide library districts to consolidate local libraries?" Per Senator Arnold over 1,000 people responded to the survey and 62% OPPOSED CONSOLIDATING LIBRARIES AND 38% supported consolidation.

Those of us receiving the Legislative Information through the Indiana Library Federation are well aware of the implications of HB 1001 and we are actively attempting to minimize the negative effects that it will have on public library budgets here in Indiana.

Here are two .pdf documents that were handed out during Senator Arnold's meeting.

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