Friday, October 12, 2007

Information regarding posts to Indiana Library listserves

The following was posted to readers of listserves of Indiana Libraries:

I have created a personal blog regarding Libraries in the State of Indiana. There are issues regarding Librarian Certification and the potential for consolidation of Public Libraries in our fantastic state. I simply want to effectively communicate the facts and provide a forum for public and professional opinions that is easily accessible; that's what Libraries do and that's why we ROCK!

The blog is located at:

NO comments on any Indiana Public Library Listserve will be copied onto my blog without the express permission of the author/s. Those listserves are for the sharing of opinions/ideas and are, in my opinion, simply sounding boards. If you are posting to the listserve and also wish for your post to be included, you may send the post to my personal e-mail address at: and I will see that it is included.

Regardless of the intent of the above referenced actions at the beginning of this post, now is the perfect time to have a long hard look at our organizations and see how we can contribute collectively to make sure our citizenry and our state are best served. Indiana Public Libraries are a “Class Act” and it is time for us to let people know just how fantastic we are (this includes our State Library as well and we would do well to remember it). Just because we administer Small Public and Medium Sized Public Libraries does not in any way mean that we are Small Minded!

This blog in no way reflective of the official thoughts and opinions of the New Carlisle - Olive Township Public Library Board of Trustees, New Carlisle, St. Joseph County, Indiana. The blog is mine alone and is maintained by me while NOT on library time.

My personal opinions on the topics of Librarian Certification and the potential consolidation of public libraries in Indiana will be readily apparent as you read my posts.

Any errors or omissions are my own and corrections will be duly noted.

All The Best
Stephen Boggs

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