Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Way to go Wakarusa!

Wakarusa-Olive, Harrison Township Public Library Friends of the
Library are sponsoring a "Save Our Library" campaign. They have stamped,
addressed envelopes for Governor Daniels, state representatives, and
state legislators for interested library patrons to take and write
letters. E-mail addresses for these legislators are also available.

A handout about library consolidation and a sample letter are on hand.
Interested patrons are asked to express their support for local control
of the Wakarusa-Olive, Harrison Township Public Library and also to
support all small libraries in Indiana. Based on the number of envelopes
that have been taken, the group estimates that 300 letters have been
sent within the first ten days of the campaign.

The Friends of the Library have also contacted the teachers at
area schools and urged them to write their legislators and express their
opinion about this important issue. The Wakarusa Chamber of Commerce and
Town of Wakarusa will also be addressed and asked to pass resolutions
supporting the library.

Jo Geleske
Library Director
Wakarusa Public Library
Wakarusa, IN 46573

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